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Verbal De-escalation Training

Verbal De-escalation Training

Exact Security is very particular about the training of its own teams and we are making our training programs and expertise available to clients.

Our training programs primarily focus on 3 main disciplines:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership.

Through our partners, Barringtons, we also have access to RSA, RCG, First Aid as well as a number of other vocational courses

We tailor specific training solutions to meet your needs.

We will always ensure that our training content and delivery methods complement your existing development programs and operational guidelines.

All our training materials are prepared by the holder of a Diploma in Training & Assessment Systems as well as Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

Leadership & Advanced Conflict Resolution

This comprehensive program has received exceptional feedback from venues and from participants. It aims to install a higher level of leadership and security consciousness in the culture of establishments.

This program is highly recommended.

  • Specific Training Areas
  • Assertive Communication Skills (Body Language, Active Listening Skills, Cultural Awareness)
  • Verbal De-Escalation Techniques / Dealing with Aggression.
  • Conflict Resolution - Stages and Signs of Conflict.
  • The use of force continuum and the "one plus one" theory.
  • Approved and Practical Restraint and Removal Techniques, including Responses to Grabs & Holds.
  • Advanced Report Writing and Documentation.
  • Security & Hospitality staff Professionalism - Conduct, Courtesy, Attentiveness, Patience, Tact, Discretion, Impartiality etc.
  • Lawful conduct and adherence to all relevant legislation, in-house code of conduct and associated Policies and Procedures.
  • Customer Service Skills in the Security & hospitality Industry.
  • Staff Presentation and the Importance of First Impressions.
  • Effective use of CCTV & Audio Recording during restraint/removals.
  • Effective Handling of VIP Customers.
  • Working Effectively in a Security & Hospitality Team.
  • Consistency in Courtesy.
  • Removal Handovers / Maturity in Approach.
  • Maintaining Effective Relations with Regulators.
  • Effective Security for Gaming Areas "Unobtrusive".
  • Complacency in Security and Customer Services and the "Friendly not Familiar" approach.

Please contact us to discuss how our training programs can deliver great value to your business.

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