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Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

At Exact Security we pride ourselves in offering training packages for all levels in your organisation. Safety and security for your business will be at the top of your priority list and it is critical that all your staff remain vigilant, aware and responsive. Awareness and knowledge allow early intervention and can prevent a situation escalating out of control. Knowing what to do is not hard, it could be as simple as asking someone you have not seen before what they are doing and who they are visiting in your building.

Environmental Awareness, Situational awareness and being generally alert and vigilant are key skills for any frontline security or hospitality staff member.

Exact Security's tailored training programs focus on imparting the skills and knowledge necessary to ingrain these traits as strong and effective habits. It is no secret that a strong security culture and security awareness go in hand in hand with great customer service. Attentiveness, good eye contact and active listening skills all form part of effective rapport building and when coupled with customer profiling and an unwavering drive to exceed customer expectations with service, it is very powerful indeed.

Effective security awareness helps staff to recognise a situation before it escalates and to manage it in a proactive manner, therefore providing the best opportunity to stop the cycle of stress and frustration leading into anger and aggression.

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