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Crowd Control Security

Crowd Control Security

Wherever there is a crowd, there is a need to have controls. Excellent crowd control protocols and operatives deliver many benefits, the key ones being:

  • Reduce crime
  • Reduce vandalism
  • Increase the feeling of safety among your clients & staff
  • Protect your property

Exact Security offers vast experience in crowd control logistics, planning and operations.

Features Of Exact Security's Crowd Control Services

Some of the features of our security crowd control services include:

  • Exact personnel are skilled in both crowd control protocols and customer service your customers will feel protected as well as valued.
  • Proactive profiling for early detection of potential problems.
  • Taking early action in security crowd control to prevent escalation.
  • Operatives are firm and polite. They are trained to be courteously assertive - not aggressive, not defensive.
  • Operatives learn what they need to know before they begin working for you.
  • Our personnel can be uniformed or plain clothed.
  • If uniformed, Exact uniforms are easily recognised and provide visible security.
  • Our objective is to ensure that your needs are met without compromising your protection & without over-servicing.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your venue or event.

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