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Exact Security has its roots in the hospitality industry and, in NSW, can already boast some of the major players amongst its valued client list. Making use of Exact Security in some capacity are:

  • The Star.
  • Mounties.
  • Canterbury League Club.
  • Panthers.
  • Revesby Workers.
  • St Marys Leagues.

Over the past 10 years there has been massive increases in the need for security in the hospitality industry - particularly in NSW.

Wherever crowds gather there is now nearly always the need for security. This has imposed a significant financial burden on hospitality venues - especially clubs and pubs.

Security is a large part of the budgets for many such venues.

There are advantages provided by quality security that positively impact on business profit.

Some venues welcome security as an opportunity rather than a cost. They are the businesses that understand the enormous positive impact that can be derives from quality security.

Amongst these are:

  • Lead a change in the mindset of your organisation.
  • Ensure your security provider supports a customer relations mindset.
  • Look upon training as an investment that earns an excellent ROI.
  • Capitalise on your reputation of being a safe and secure venue.
  • Integrate all aspects of your club security.

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