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The term 'CCTV Surveillance Systems' refers to Closed Circuit Television surveillance systems. It provides surveillance or monitoring of a range of environments and activities.

When it comes to designing a new or upgrading your CCTV surveillance system there are many thing that need to be taken into consideration.

The key to designing a CCTV solution is to identify your vulnerabilities and the risk to your business and then plan a solution to mitigate those risks. Advances in technology - in particular the switch from analog to IP - has injected video surveillance with new levels of reliability, effectiveness and efficiency.

CCTV Surveillance Systems - The Benefits

The key benefits of finding the right CCTV surveillance system are:

  • Protection of your people and assets.
  • Monitoring produce and processes.
  • Identify causes of loss through dishonesty or theft.
  • Intrusion detection and documentation.
  • Monitor merchandise.
  • Enhance company performance and WHS.
  • Monitor production processes and quality control.

CCTV Surveillance Systems - The Features

Some of the key features that may be needed in a video surveillance system for a medium to large property are:

  • Nil downtime.
  • Limited false alarms.
  • Flexibility.
  • Reports that suit your needs.
  • Warnings & alerts that fit your operational needs.
  • Integration capability.
  • Does not have an adverse impact on your main business operations (including Customer's Experience).
  • Cost Effectiveness - as determined by your use and need.

CCTV Surveillance Systems - Our Products

What is the main purpose for a CCTV solution? If there is any dispute, evidence can be produced in a court of law to protect your assets and prosecute the perpetrator who has violated the law.

That's why when Exact Technologies designs CCTV surveillance systems the solutions, technical features and camera positioning are based on site by site requirements. Every site is unique and requires a unique solution. A trusted and experienced security advisor is important to ensuring that you get the right CCTV surveillance systems for your needs and budget.

We have carefully and deliberately examined all the major systems and have selected Avigilon as a key partner. Nevertheless we are able to maintain other systems and products, and we are always striving to deliver solutions that best meet both the current and likely future needs of our clients.

The role of Exact Technologies is to understand your business and how technology can assist you achieving your desired outcomes. Our role is to provide solutions that give you the best return on investment.

Please contact us to have one of the skilled team members from Exact Technologies (ML: 000101630) discuss your CCTV needs.

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