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Building Security Personnel and Concierge Services

Building Security Personnel and Concierge Services

As soon as people walk through the door of your commercial outlet, they should feel secure and comfortable in their surroundings. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so a friendly face at this point of contact is crucial. This doesn't require a whole team, however - concierge security combine their role with customer services and premises management for an all-in-one building security service

What are the essential requirements for office security?

Many consider the corporate environment to be a safe and risk-free sector. It's more accurate to say that the risk focus in offices is on preserving businesses' professionalism. Customer security is still the primary ambition when considering employing building security services, but maintaining behavioural standards is a more regular task for concierge operatives than addressing immediate threats. This involves monitoring people accessing the facility and conducting regular security assessments.

Of course, should an issue arise with a member of the public or building staff, qualified operatives should still be able to negate threats as they arise. Whether a physical or verbal altercation, concierge security should act as law enforcement until further action can be taken. Any issues need to handled delicately to prevent further conflict and to uphold the standards and corporate image of your building. That's where expert building security services stand apart from other run-of-the-mill enforcement options.

Are there other demands for corporate facility management?

On top of enforcing an office's security policies, facility managers also need individuals who can manage the day-to-day activities of a corporate building. One of the key aspects of this is improving the customer experience. Increased interest in consumer services has taken the retail and hospitality industries by storm, with a focus on digital technology as a tool to heighten the customer experience. In a corporate facility, creating this positive association with your offices can be as simple as having an approachable individual in your reception for all customer queries and assistance.

Another requirement for corporate facility management is overseeing building administration. This can include logging people entering and exiting the premises, coordinating cleaning and maintenance work, and liaising with building suppliers. Concierge security operatives represent an invaluable asset to facility managers in keeping them abreast of ongoing developments.

The benefits of employing concierge security operatives

Many in the corporate world see building security services as an unnecessary expense. However, employing a public-facing individual who can uphold facility security policies while offering customer services and administration skills is a savvy business choice. There are three benefits of choosing a concierge security operatives over the alternatives:

1. Customer Security.

Many corporate premises see hundreds or even thousands of people through the doors every day. Without a reception point of contact to identify threats and help customers, businesses can be left chasing their tails trying to address issues after they arise, rather than preventing challenges from arising in the first place. The alternative is to have the safety and security of your customers handled by untrained personnel or, worse, chance.

2. Corporate professionalism and discretion.

A range of security issues can arise in a corporate environment that require the intervention of security personnel. But handling these issues requires tact in order to maintain an air of corporate professionalism. Building security services are trained to handle office situations in a discrete manner, and all operatives are focused on threat prevention as the main aim of customer security. An old style, traditional guard in this environment is the alternative - success will depend on personal attributes of the guard and how they can adapt to this environment.

3. Customer Experience.

Building the customer experience and positive brand association with your organisation is essential. Customer service and administrative personnel are vital to offering clients and employees a better visit. However, if a security issue such as a theft or fight arises, can these individuals step up to the plate? Ensuring individual's is ultimately the bottom line aim, and without this basic coverage, businesses can be exposed to legal problems and lost custom.

That's what makes concierge security services so valuable - you get the best of both worlds with secure and satisfied customers.

The Exact Security difference.

Employing concierge and building operative services through Exact Security means starting on a path to building a committed enterprise partnership. We don't just deploy any personnel to offices - we sit down with you to discuss exact security requirements and your aims for using concierge and building operatives. After consultation, we develop a strategic business security plan that pairs you with a highly trained security operative.

We only accept the most experienced and committed security operatives on the Exact Security team, with our rigorous screening process ensuring we recognise the cream that rises to the top. Following our induction process, our security personnel undergo intense training in the elements of their role that aren't necessarily a focus for other businesses. This additional instruction includes:

  • Customer service skills.
  • Facility management and administration.
  • Threat identification and de-escalation.

Our concierge security team are also prepared for their roles with an introduction to your corporate brand, strategic goals and facility. This way, your building security services are ready to immediately add value and become a valuable part of your business team.

Consider concierge and building security services a worthwhile discussion? Reach out to the Exact Security team today to kick-start the conversation!

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