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Our Clients - Testimonials

Our Clients - Testimonials

We are proud to provide security services to some of Australia's leading companies, see what they say about us below!

Mounties Group

Mounties initial decision to appoint Exact Security was based one their industry experience and knowledge, their commitment to building excellent customer relationships and the willingness of Exact to train and refine their security operatives on an ongoing basis.

I am pleased to say that Exact Security has performed above the standards expected. What is pleasing to me is their desire to support our business by focusing on enhancing our customers' experience, yet maintain a high level of professionalism in dealing with any security/risk related matters that have arisen. (Note: The full testimonial from which this extract is taken is available on request.)

- Greg Pickering

Castle Hill RSL Group

Exact are always ready to ensure the highest of standards are maintained even in the most trying of circumstances. During their tenure the Group hqas seen the number of anti-social incidents slashed by more than eighty percent and the level of customer service and interaction with security personnel improve dramatically.

- Brett Crastin

Revesby Workers'

Revesby Workers' has a security roster of 400+ hours a week covering three clubs and a shopping centre. Exact does a fantastic job in rostering a consistent, highly skilled team each and every week. The team works well together not only providing a safe environment, but also displaying a high standard of customer service to our patrons.

- Josh Skurowski

B20 Australia

''Exact Security provided contract security personnel across a number of venues for the B20 Australia Summit 2014, a high profile event attended by approximately 400 senior business leaders from around the world. Security staff were punctual, polite well presented, and diligent in the performance of their duties. I would have no hesitation in engaging with Exact Security again in the future".

- Steve Belcher


''2GB has the most high profile personalities in Australian radio and their safety is not something we take lightly. We can not afford one mistake when it comes to our people. As such, we needed a security company that was a cut above the rest, whose representatives were well-presented, highly trained to cover all possible events and who could represent the 2GB brand at all occasions.

I can say with 100% confidence that Exact Security achieved all these benchmarks. The company at all levels has been highly efficient, courteous, thoroughly reliable and a pleasure to work with''.

- David Kidd

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