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What Control Stick Users Say

There has been no use of Control Stick in Australia ... yet!

However, in the US there is a strong history of the Control Stick bu US Police Departments as one of the tools for handling violent people. In fact, over 1,500 US Police Departments currently use the Stick.

One telling point is that in over 15 years of use there has been no litigation, arising from its use, against ANY of those 1,500 Departments.

Here are comments from some of those Departments:

Capt. John D. Ostrander - Dougherty County Sheriff's Office

During my career I have seen a great many tools marketed to enhance the officers' ability to gain and maintain control over non-compliant subjects. I have never before seen one quite like this.


Lt. Brian D. Boling - York County Sheriff's Office

The control stick itself, although simple in design, removes the appearance of excessive force. The device was simple to use, effective for many different scenarios, and because of its size is very easy to carry. One of the best points in using the control stick is that there is no injury to the subject ...


Lt. Vince Lombardo - Berkely County Sheriff's Office

The control stick will provide our officers with a non-impact, low profile instrument that will greatly improve weapon retention and subject control while reducing the liability often associated with many forms of less than lethal devices.


Derald Rogers - Central East Texas Narcotics Task Force

For onlookers at an arrest scene, this tool makes a police officer look very professional and avoids major struggles between several officers and a suspect which might evoke public sympathy for the subject.


Sgt. Investigator Timothy Etherridge - Dogwood Trails Narcotic Task Force

I have had to utilize the Control Stick on several occasions, and the Control Stick worked each and every time. One of the situations involved a large male that was high on crack cocain, in which five officers were trying unsuccessfully to take him to the floor. I then asked the officers to move away from the suspect, at which time I was able to utilize the Control Stick and bring him to the floor very quickly, without harm to him or the officers.


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