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Centurion Control Stick

Centurion Control Stick

Centurion Control Stick

The Centurion Control Stick has a direct application where there is a regular need to apply close proximity force to ensure compliance or for self-defense.

The types of roles that may find great advantage in its use include police; corrective service officers; security operatives - hospitailt, public services, retail, corporate, transport; rangers; close personal protection guards.

The application, relevance and effectiveness of the Control Stick has been proven by law enforcement agencies in the United States. There have been no known negative or injurious results occuring as a result of its application.

The key advantages arising from use of the Centurion Control Stick are:

  • More effective and efficient control of aggressors in close proximity situations.
  • No dependence on the size, strength or build of the operative.
  • Immediate relief to aggressors when device applications is stopped.
  • Injury free outcomes.
  • Easy to carry due to its size, shape and weight.
  • Effective use can be trained very quickly.
  • Economies - use of the Stick is very cost-effective in comparison to other close orde compliance devices.
  • Application of the device is "media-friendly" - that is, its application is subtle and not harmful or inurious and therefore unlikely to be teh subject of unfavourable photo or video images.

Read what users of the Control Stick say abouts its application.

Access Control


Videos showing the techniques for applying the Control Stick are available to registered personnel,. to view these videos requires a password.. If you are interested in having a demonstration of the control stick please call or email Exact Security.:

Centurion Control Stick - Basic Techniques. 

Centurion Control Stick - Advanced Techniques. 

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