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During his time at Panthers, Steve van Zwieten, became a leader within an industry that was evolving from the era of the "bouncer" to one of the "security professional". A positive move but, for Steve, the evolution was only partially complete.

The time was ripe to scale the next height. He conceived the idea of "customer-service oriented security services", services that play a positive role in customer relations while simultaneously protecting people, buildings, and equipment.

Even attaining this, there are new heights to scale.

Steve's goal was to enable security operatives to reach greater personal and professional achievements. He believes that quality mentoring and training can unlock greater potential for each individual, making stronger team members with better skills in both leadership and management.

The best personnel operate within systems and can be somewhat limited by those systems. The best security operative will always perform best but when complemented by quality electronic security systems, the result is an overall operation that can add to the bottom line of any business.

Essentially, Exact Security is the vehicle for Steve's dream of the ultimate security system and therefore it offers the four pillars needed to deliver such a system:

  1. Risk Analysis - the enterprise-wide risk assessment determines the extent of your need.
  2. Security Personnel - only the very best operatives can survive Exact's selection processes.
  3. Training - Exact places a high priority on training its personnel. Clients are invited to participate. Exact also offers specialised and specific training for venues.
  4. Electronic Security - electronic systems tailored to your needs and integrated by experts using the best possible and most suitable components.
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